Our company, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical and Electronics Engineer and Manufacturing Engineer together with our 20 technical staff, using the technologies that come first in production, we serve our valuable customers. Our company, to reduce labor errors to the minimum level, standard product range and the fastest spare parts supply for CNC Laser, CNC Lathe, CNC Press Brake and so on.

Delivered Works
  • 3
  • Gülmak-Makina-1
  • Gülmak-Makina-2
  • Gülmak-Makina-3
  • Gülmak-Makina-4
  • Gülmak-Makina-5
  • Gülmak-Makina-6
  • Gülmak-Makina-7
  • Gülmak-Makina-8
  • Gülmak-Makina-9