BPF M600 Nuts Roasting Machine

Capacity Values (Kg/hr) 
Products  BFF M600
Hazelnuts  25
Peanuts  20
Peanut ( Shelled)  13
Pistachios  18
Sunflower Seeds 15
Pumpkin Seeds  15
Almond  18
Cashews 20


The above values are averages. 
-Roasting chamber is according to ambient temperature and humidity, 
-The input humidity and calibration of the product to be roasted,
- The roasted product may vary depending on the desired output humidity.
Technical Details
Single-band nuts & fruıts roasting and baking machine for all kinds of nuts, making it possible to serve the customer in a short time by keeping the aroma and flavors of the snacks.

The reason why foods with fragile structure such as nuts are roasted in banded roasting machines is to prevent the breakdown of the food. 
•    PLC 7” control panel with touch screen, 
•    100% AISI 304 quality stainless steel material group, 
•    Turbo system, 
•    Memory retrieval feature according to product type, kernel, hazelnut, pistachio almonds, cashews, etc
•    Roasting, baking and band speed settings. 
•    Quality and standard roasting process for your products.
•    Tempered unbreakable glass right left retractable cover. 
Technicial Specifications
Electrical Specifications 380-400 Volt – 50 Hz 
Elektic Power 8 Kw 
Dimension H-1300 mm, W-1700 mm, D-730 mm
Demesion 215 Kg
Fuel Type : Electric