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One of the most powerful aspects of our company is the value it gives to employees. From training to rewarding systems, from social facilities to enjoyable working environment, in every field employer keeps the satisfaction of the employee.

As Human Resources, we evaluate based on the “competencies” required by the position together with the “qualifications” required by the position we sanction to our candidates. Whatever your previous work experiences, qualifications, academic background, foreign languages ​​and occupations that you were positioned at, traits such as leadership, analytical thinking, being a team player, etc. are the personality traits we constitute as “competent” criteria of our company and employees.

As per our recruitment preferences, most important qualities that we look for and to apply to all positions are: dynamism and leadership, being a team player, mentality to win and positivism. We, as our company, see our employees as a symbol of our corporate power, which is not a small achievement. If you believe you can make a difference and want to be part of our team, contact us.