Electrical Specifications 220-230 Volt – 50 Hz 
Power Requirement 3 Kw – 16 A – 3 Kutuplu
Hopper Capacity 80 Kg
Hourly Production Rate Approx. 80 Kg/ Hour 
Cooling Unit 3400 Btu
Dimensions H. 1800 Mm, W. 1600 Mm, D. 1000 Mm


Technical Details
The coating boiler is entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel and is equipped with the an 7” touch screen Android operating system and remote control Wifi network connection feature to optimize the coating of different types and sizes of products.
The aır temperature menu in the control panel allows the temperature to be adjusted appropriately. 

The air entering through the gaps in the rotating chamber penetrates into the chocolate and is controlled by a cooling system aimed at accelerating the expansion of the dragees. In the next stage, the machine polishes to smooth the product a resistor is used to clean the machine.
•    The first dragee equipped with a cooling system in the market. 
•    Coating machine. In between cold and hot air. 
•    Quick Pass. Can be equipped with an automatic spray system .
•    Air filter can be cleaned and replaced. 
•    Easy tank cleaning 
Technicial Specifications