CR-10 Coffee Roaster Machines

Technical Details

It is specially designed for medium sized companies. The CR-10 coffee roaster does not crush any kind or type of coffee and allows the coffee to be presented to the customer by increasing the same color and aroma without changing the aroma. Since the coffee beans are fragile when heated, the machine assembly elements have been carefully designed.

Optional Features:

According To Customer Request;

  • PLC touch operator Control Panel can be coupled. 
  • Loading and unloading operations can be controlled by electric or air Piston system.
  • 4-Point Heat Control System Can Be Applied.
  • Destoner System Can Be Coupled To Machines.
  • Loader System Can Be Coupled To Machines.
Technicial Specifications
Electrical Specifications 380-400 Volt-50 Hz
Electric powers : 2 kw
Product Drum Capacity : 10 
Roasting time : 15-20 minutes
Capacity : 30-40 Kg/H
Dimensions : H:1850 mm-W:1580 mm -D:860 mm
Fuel type : Natural gas-LPG-propane