Electrical Specifications 220-230 Volt – 50 Hz 
Electric Power 0.18 kw
Product drum capacity 5-10 kg
Dimensions H:1860 mm-W:950 mm-D:1150 mm        
Fuel type              Natural Gas / LPG


Optional Feature: Spray can also be given additionally according to demand of the customer.

Optional Feature: BPF M600. According to the demand of the customer, automatic salting production can also be made on the machine. 
Technical Details

Specially designed for industrial production, the coating boiler is completely made of Cu copper. The outer insulation is made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel and is equipped with 800 degree insulation. In case the machine is caramelized by boiling sugar homogeneously, products such as almond, hazelnut, peanut of various dried fruits are caramelized and sugar coated. With the pneumatic air system, you can empty the product into the cooling pan without human touch.

Optional Features:

According To Customer Request;

  • Can Be Configured As A Desktop.
•    Our machine’s design is made by us and it is patented. 
•    800 Degree Insulatıon.
•    Audible Alarm.
•    Pneumatic System.
•    Ergonomical.
•    Ease of cleaning for pan.